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Hello, I'm a writer, editor and fact-checker living in Brooklyn. I currently write and edit stories for Study Hall. I was previously a fact-checker at The Nation and a staff writer at Paper Magazine. 


My writing has appeared in Jewish Currents, The Nation, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, GQ, Vulture, New York Review of ArchitectureBandcamp, Study Hall, StereogumGlamour, Nylon, InStyle, Them, Uproxx and The Forward. I write about media, culture and capitalism.

Most recently, I wrote about the end of feminist media, the Twitter account Pop Crave, Bandcamp's union drive, what musicians are doing on Substack, Ezra Furman, and movie marketing.

I've fact-checked for The Nation, The Wall Street Journal, InsiderHell Gate, Type InvestigationsNew York Focus, Study Hall and The Drift magazine.

Most recently, I checked an original data investigation into fossil fuel subsidies in New York state, an interactive website about cronyism and corruption in Eric Adams's administration, a series of essays on the war in Gaza, and a profile of Martin Scorsese.

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